Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SharePoint 2013 March PU (with search component and workflow manager 1.0)

SharePoint 2013 March Public Update is a base for any future update to SharePoint. The following is high level instruction.

Note: any existing workflow 2013 might need to delete and republish.

Assume (2 web front end, 2 apps server and 1 db) - i will call web1, web2, app1, app2 and db1 (app1 host central admin and search admin)

1) add user profile sync account to local admin group. This might break UPS if  you don't.
2) net stop SPTImerV4
    net stop OSearch15
    net stop SPSearchHostController
3) installl march PU on Web1 and restart, repeat this for Web2, App2 and App1 (last)
4) repeat step 2
5) run sharepoint configuration Wizard on Web1
6) restart SPSearchHostController
    restart OSearch15
    restart SPTimerV4
7) repeat step 4 to 6 on Web2 , App2 and App1( last)
6) re-run Register-SPWorkflowService

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