Monday, November 18, 2013

SharePoint Timer Service terminated with service every 1-2 minutes

I got this error in the event view every minutes or so. I don't know what cause it. I check Job History in central admin and found that not of the job is working. I see following error that i think it might be relate

SPTimerStore.InitializeTimer: SPConfigurationDatabase.RefreshCache returned SPConstants.InvalidRowVersion

The timer service could not initialize its configuration, please check the configuraiton database. will retry later

After googling and decided to try to clear the Configuration Cache, I found out that my cache folder is missing. I decided to recreate the cache folder.

1) Open regedit
2) HKLM->Software->Microsoft->Shared Tools->Web Server Extensions->15.0->Secure->ConfigDB
and look for Id which is a GUID
3) Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config create a folder name from guid step 2
4) create a file call Cache.ini, edit and put 1 on the file
5) restart iis and timer service

Now my job is running again. Hope it help someone have same issue.


  1. Thanks a lot ! Resolved my issue today, and save my life (and job too).

  2. Thanks!!!! You've just saved another Sharepoint server! :)