Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Managed Metadata Service "Managed Metadata Service" is inaccessible

My manage metadata service is suddenly stop working after i reboot the server. I check

  • Service is running in central admin
  • Account running under app pool is still work
  • App pool  running this service is not stop
I try to do iisreset and even restart machine one more time to see if it does any good but no luck. I decided to recreate the manage metadata service. Here are step to create
  1. Delete broken metadata service but DO NOT DELETE DATABASE (ex: meta1)
  2. create a new metadata service using same app pool and new database name (ex: meta2)
  3. Go back and change the name of the database to broken metadata service database  (meta1)
  4. delete the new metadata service Database just create. (meta2)
That should back to normal.

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